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Pamper yourself since the early morning

Make breakfast a very pleasant ritual

We like to make sure you’re fed and ready for the day, whether its’ a day spent relaxing at the beach or a jam-packed day of activities or hard work.  That’s why we have created a buffet that reflects the seasons and sources the best local produce available.

Almost everything you’ll find on our breakfast buffet is homemade, to provide you with natural flavours and a taste of home: try out our fragrant homemade cakes, jam tarts and cookies and several types of delicious bread, croissants, jams and marmelades. But if an Italian Style breakfast is not your thing, we have other items on our buffet to tempt you: crispy bacon and cold cuts to pair with some savory handmade focaccia bread, fresh eggs and different types of cheese. For those who like lighter options we also offer both seasonal and dried fruits, yoghurts and some gluten free productsLast but not least, in the summer you can enjoy breakfast in our beautiful garden, the perfect spot for a relaxing start to the day. 

We take great pride in our breakfast, which is served every morning between 7.30-10.00 a.m.

If you have any special requirements or if you need an earlier start, please let us know.

The garden

Pretty flowers and plants under a pergola, the pleasant sound of water falling in the fountain and a magic atmosphere, surrounded in turn by a tranquil green space leading you to the sea.

The restaurant

Thanks to the greatest attention to detail, aiming at the perfect union between tradition and innovation result into a mix of flavours that will both tickle your tastebuds and satisfy your eyes.

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